Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 is a good year.

I've been through some big "life changes" this past year or so, and so with the prompting from a well respected professor, I've decided to start keep track of my thoughts, wanderings, experiences, adventures, and so on. I have never been one to journal faithfully, but I have heard that it's quite therapeutic to do. And if there's anything I need these days, it's some personal reflecting and therapy! I plan on using this blog to not only put my thoughts "on paper", but to share with friends and family, near and far, the things that keep me busy! I'm a very active student at Finger Lakes Community College, in the Conservation department. I am dual-majoring in Natural Resources Conservations AAS, and Environmental Studies AS. My dream at the moment is to transfer out of state, to finish my bachelors in Wildlife Biology or Management. Colorado is the pot at the end of the rainbow. And in 7 DAYS I will be there! I've been so busy with school, my club, and being sick- I forgot that spring break and CO were only a week away!

Anyway, that's enough about me...actually, it's MY blog so I can talk about about myself all I want...but that's enough for now. This is a big comittment for me! I rarely stick anything out like this for very long, so we'll see! I'm interested to see where this goes...

(Photo credit John Van Niel)

One more thing, this is a little explanation behind my blog name: Bearly Alyssa. I've been feeling out of sorts the past few months, dealing with some personal issues, and not been feeling myself. And I also love bears! So, there's my explanation :)

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