Sunday, January 22, 2012

Calling All Trappers (camera and otherwise...)

Tomorrow begins my final semester at Finger Lakes Community College. I've had an amazing, rejuvenating experience learning from some of the most wonderful faculty and staff, and now I'm being set free and allowed the opportunity to run my own independent study in the field. I will be using five camera traps- Cuddeback Attack IRs.

For more info on all the background stuff...: Research Methods in Biology. And this is what the study site looks like from above (thanks Google Earth!):

Anyway, I'm studing circadian rhythms of medium and larger size mammals (like...opossum, racoon and up to black bear) and documenting peaks and lows of activity periods. Not sure how it's going to go...but I'm giving it a go.

What I want to know is, what are some tricks of the trade when it comes to trapping? I am interested in learning more about:
  • Scent lures
  • Baits
  • Methods of deploying both        AND
  • Any other 'lures' that are used (visual lures?)
Three species I'm particularly bent on camera trapping are river otter, bobcat, and black bear.

Hopefully my fellow camera trapping bloggers can offer some suggestions? By the way, I'm in Upstate NY...if that has any affect on trapping strategies.


  1. I can't wait to hear your answers. I've had no success with baits or scent lures. The only thing that worked even slightly was that I found a can of tuna that had a hole in the top in a campsite near here. I grabbed it and stuck it in front of a camera. A bobcat, a skunk, and a coyote took interest. A bear was also interested.

    A wildlife ranger near here told me that bobcats and cougars are fascinated by CD's hung by strings from tree branches. Apparently, some people lure bobcats this way. My problem is that it would lure in people too, and they might steal my cams.

    1. CDs...interesting...well, where I'm going to have my cameras set is on private property, so hopefully no one will come in. I have used and will be using STINKY smell-able through all packaging in a sealed box kind of smelly. As far as visual lures, I've heard of hanging a may entice fox and bobcat in. The CD is interesting though, thanks. I hope others respond. I'm interested in learning the ways of trapping...

    2. You have to keep silent and still, possibly a hide. Anyway, that's what I do.

    3. I'm sorry, maybe I wasn't clear...the "camera traps" will be deployed in the field and activated by motion/heat of anything that moves in front of them, and then at my leisure I will go and check the SD card and see what tripped it.

      I am interested in learning about how to use scents and lures to attract animals in front of my cameras.

      Thanks for your advice!

  2. Hope my email suggestions help. I'm the last person to ask for advice on bobcats...I can't get one on camera for the life of me. I might have to give KB's CD a try.

    1. Did you email me? I haven't received one yet. Thanks for the reply Joe :) Wish I could use mineral/salt baits in front of my cameras, but it's illegal here in NY!


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