Monday, January 16, 2012

Camera trapping at its finest!

Last week I received my 5 Cuddeback Attack IR cameras that I will be using this spring for my research project at the Muller Field Station in Honeoye, NY. In this past entry: Research Methods in Biology and in this entry: So Very Thankful I outline my plans. After the hard work of detailing and outlining my project, and the anxiety of waiting to hear if it would be approved...I WAS approved and I received funding to buy materials. This past week I participated in a Winter Ecology residential course at the same field station, and my classmates and I put the cameras to the test. Below are the best results!

Red fox

Tori the Yeti


Clinton "Critter" Krager-kins

White-tailed deer

My FIRST flying squirrel 'trapped' on camera!


Red squirrel (another first!!!)

Gray squirrel

Classmates of mine: Adriel and Anthony (aka Boy and Tiger)

I purposefully did not pick out the critter in this picture...if you can pick it out, I'll be amazed! It took alot of conferring and we blew the picture up on a projector to pick it out!

Mouse species...probably deer or white-footed

Eastern cottontail

And to follow up...some videos! We had an AWESOME and productive week!

And that's all I write today! I know 2 posts in one day! I have a LOT to catch up on though...I hope you enjoy the pictures and video! What's your favorite critter above??? Mine is either the flyer or the mink!


  1. GREAT catch on the flying squirrel!

    1. Thanks, Joe! The student who checked the SD card first dismissed it as a 'fluke' picture. Swaying weeds or something like that. But I took it and stared at it like a "magic eye" picture until it came to me! Takes some practice, but I'm glad I didn't dismiss it!

  2. Those of some great captures you have there. I have a flying squirrel on video from a scouting trip this past spring. I keep forgetting to get that video up on my youtube channel. It was only the second one I have ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. THANK you! Are flying squirrels so neat? They're a favorite little critter of mine :) Please share you video, I'd love to see it!


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