Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TEST entry!

Last night Blogger told me that I've reached capacity (1GB) of storage...and now I have to pay to get more. Apparently Picasa is hosting my images? I never signed up for Picasa, and only upload from my computer directly. I'm confused.

So, I'm trying this tester out to see if I can still upload anything (they took my blog image header away...).

Monday (3/19/2012) I went to the Muller Field Station to check my camera traps. As I was pulling out, I noticed gorgeous bear tracks across the driveway. I ran to get a camera and set it on the trail that the bear came off of to hopefully catch the culprit.

Today I went to replace 2 cameras that were misbehaving...and I stopped to check "bear cam". The return: 7 pictures! I was too excited to wait, so I pulled my laptop out and checked the images.

Wah wahhhhh...Ok. American Robins ARE cool, just not as glamorous as my favorite animal, the black bear.

If this posts, then I'm still confused about Blogger and provided GB space!


  1. when you load a photo into your blog, it is copied to your blogs picasa album automatically. For your image to be viewable in your blog it must live online somewhere and this is where it lives. Remember that you are posting images to the web so they don't have to be full size images so you can scale, crop and reduce the size of the image without affecting the look on the web. If you are not editing your images and loading up full size images then the file size for each image could be in the multiple megabyte range as opposed to around 400 or 600kb when edited.

    Login to picasaweb with your blogger login information and you will see your album.

  2. hello! :) im tats and my blog is im having the same problem with blogger about taking up all the free space provided by picasa, how did you upload this new photo from this post? :) im really frustrated right now, i cant blog! :(

  3. Capturing waterfowl on the wing is never easy and most shots just don't make the grade no matter what equipment you are using. Can't say I have ever had the pic space problem with blogger. I have posted thousands of images however I normally try to keep the image size between 75-150kb. Not just to save them space but to also preclude anyone downloading and printing. Ps just love your bear pic :)

  4. I'm guessing that you've figured out your image capacity issue by now (I'm very far behind). If you haven't, you'll be amazed to see how inexpensive it is to upgrade to more storage space. I believe that I pay something like $5 per year. Also, I edit my images down to about 200K before uploading them.

    I love robins too!


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