Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aqua Kids in Alaska!

At the very end of July, I was afforded a really fun opportunity. A children's television cast and crew came to the Funny River Weir to film us and learn about the project! The Aqua Kids travel the country filming about awesome aquatic and marine research going on, and present in a way that's appealing to kids. I think their target demographic was the "tweens".

My boss, Ken, told me that morning that he wanted me to do the talking. I was flattered of course, because that meant he trusted me to represent the Service well, the office, him, and myself...and I that knew what I was talking about.

The day was, of course, overcast and threatening rain. I think the previous WEEK of weather was blue skies and sunny, so of course according to Murphy's Law, the day we'd have filming equipment in the field, it would be wet out. When we got to the location, we were briefed on the process, topics of questions, ways to stand, answer questions, "never look at the camera!", getting microphones hooked up, sound checks, lighting checks, etc. It was a bit intimidating, but really neat to watch.

Photo credit: Katrina Mueller/USFWS
Getting my microphone hooked up by George, the producer.
Photo credit: Katrina Mueller/USFWS
And the filming begins!
Photo credit: Katrina Mueller/USFWS
Showing the hosts, Rachael and Clark, a spawned-out dead female chinook salmon. It was DISGUSTING, but I was coerced into handling it for the show :)
Photo credit: Katrina Mueller/USFWS
Myself, Rachael, and Clark in the trap! I was walking them through how we take biological samples from the passing chinook salmon.
Photo credit: Forrest Hannan
Quiet on the set!
Then it was Ken's turn to film. He took care of explaning how the underwater video surveillance system works. It's his baby, it was only right!
Photo credit: Forrest Hannan
And finally, a picture of myself and the cast!
From left to right: Katie, Myself, Clark, Rachael, and Drew.
It was a really fun day, and I had a great time with them. I can't wait to see the episode when it airs later this fall...I'll be sure to share the air date if anyone is interested in viewing :)


  1. Yes please, date and time, will I be able to see it in NZ, or do a google link up?? would so like to see it all, How is SUNY going? and what subjects will you have for this year? Hope you are enjoying the change, a new routine, and making more new friends. Cheers from Jean.

    1. Hi Jean!!! I will post for sure, when I know :)

      College classes just began this past Monday, it's going ok so far. Lots of adjustment and change. I will be writing a post more about that soon!

    2. Wow! You've hit the big time!! Very cool.


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