Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Camera-trapped Species!

 I've been in my new house now for about 4 weeks, and have had 2 camera traps (Cuddeback Attack Flash, Moultrie Game Spy D-50) set up on the property. We were lucky enough to find a house with 7+ acres for us to play on. It's been great actually, I forgot how much I missed it when I was living in an apartment complex last year.

Anyway, I checked my Cuddeback camera the other day and was rewarded with a bunch of nice pictures.

This camera has been plaguing me since I got it, but it has been taking pictures lately like it's supposed to. Still no video, I don't get it, but I'm too aggravated to send it back to Cuddeback AGAIN and be without a camera for 3 weeks. The
Moultrie is bad too. That's another story.

So I checked the camera, and here are my best shots:

A nice action shot!
I think this is a Black-capped Chickadee because I think I can make out that black cap and white chin.

SOMEONE got a eyefull.
This is a racoon, I got a picture right before this of the 'coon, it just didn't make the cut for this entry.

A fawn with her spots still...when do they lose them?

Mystery object.
 I have no idea what this is, Mady and I were both away from the house at this time. It's a mystery...

My landlord's dog, Pumpkin, who took himself on a walk the other night.

A family of 3 'coons!

And finally, my GRAND FINALE!

A bobcat (Lynx rufus)!!!
I literally could not believe my eyes, when I saw this picture show up on the viewer I use in the field. The camera said 2 images had been recorded since I last checked it. That usually means it's of me setting it or checking it. Not this time! One was me, and one was this bobcat! Where I'm from, in Western NY, bobcats are quite rare. The closer to the PA border you get, the more chance you have of spotting one.
This bobcat below had it's picture taken at the Muller Field Station (Canadice, NY) this summer. That's as far North as I've heard of one being in that region, and a lucky facutly member was able to get this picture of one!
Photo credit: John Van Niel, Canadice, NY
 I've not been so lucky, UNTIL this weekend. I'm still in shock! I hope he or she comes back so that I can keep writing about NY's only wild cat.


  1. These trail cameras, I had no idea they existed until I began reading blogs like yours and KB's. Wonderful technology, and you can be most excited about the last shots, hope you get lots more. Greetings from Jean

    1. Aren't they awesome?! check out trailblazer and backyard beasts, 2 other great blogs I follow. A lot of people use them for scoping out hunting grounds, I love seeing what's out and about for fun!

  2. Could the Mystery Object be a bat hanging upside down?
    Aunt Suzanne

  3. I thought your mystery object might be the tail of a bird. It may be in flight or it may be perched on your camera?


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