Friday, February 8, 2013

Fisher, FISHER everywhere

I don't have a brilliant posting tonight, but I do have some pictures of "my" fisher that's been hanging in the backyard for the past 2 months. I don't know where he goes during the day, but I do know that he comes to our backyard almost everynight.

I have not baited this camera set. At my other set, which is about 50 feet downhill from this set, there are trout eggs, that had died at the hatchery I work at. They are stinky! But this fisher does spend considerable time hanging out in front of this camera on his own.

Disregard the time stamps- I recently changed batteries and forgot to reset the date and time.

Just LOOK at that tail! I would love to pet one...but probably never will. It truly fits the phrase of a "bottle brush" tail.

In this picture, the fisher is on the move...hence the blurriness. Without a flash, the camera can't "stop" the motion as well. Still, this picture is good enough for me to ID the animal, and that's all I really care about!

I hope everyone in the Northeastern states fares well this weekend. We are getting dumped on with snow storm "Nemo". I have nothing to do all weekend, so I love it! My pup will love to play in 2 feet of snow tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Man I love looking at these fisher pictures! Also, since you call it "my" fisher, have you given it an unofficial name yet?

    1. Haha, no I haven't yet! BTW, do you have an email address I can reach you at?

  2. Wow, great tail, are they ever caught, handled? or in a wild life enclosure? Hope all the areas fare well in the big dump, I looked on Wunderground and the forecast was dire!!Cheers from Jean

  3. They really are a beautiful animal, I have seen them occasionally in the past but sad to say I have never been able to get one on film. Thanks for sharing the very nice pics.


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