Friday, April 19, 2013

Check these videos out...

I have 3 weeks left in my semester (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) so time is short. But I got a few cool videos on my camera trap a few weeks ago, and I figured I'd share them!

The camera is a Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, and this was taken in Schoharie, NY.

I used the following scent lure to see who I could get to respond to it (really was hoping for a bobcat):

American Crows (wait til the end...they almost take out my camera!)
The elusive gray fox...I love these small Canids, and I'm happy to have gotten one in my backyard!
 Camera-trapping is so addictive! I've said it before, and anyone else who's a 'trapper I'm sure will agree!

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  1. Wow!! Those crows did get way too close, love all the videos, you must be so thrilled with each one. Nearly holiday time?? Enjoy the last few weeks. Cheers from Jean


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