Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Camera trap catch-up

The past 2 weeks have been so totally insane out-of-control hectic, it aint even funny. Work, a death in the family, a trip to Massachusetts for a black bear field study I’m involved with, and FINALLY getting to go back to my home in Cobleskill after weeks away…one good thing to come out of all of that, is that I’ve left my camera trap alone and unbothered…

Since I haven’t shared any camera trap images lately, I think I’ll share the best of the past 2 weeks, and let the photos speak for themselves.

A woodchuck "selfie" - Latham, NY

Striped skunk

Woodchuck cleaning out the barn?
Eastern cottontail "selfie" - Latham, NY

Red fox - Latham, NY

American Crow "selfie"...in flight?! - Latham, NY

Red fox bringing home a meal? - Latham, NY

Gray squirrel and an American Crow - Latham, NY
Fisher - Cobleskill, NY

Virginia opossum - Cobleskill, NY

Two gray squirrels - Cobleskill, NY

White-tailed deer...young buck! - Cobleskill, NY

Family of 4 raccoons - Cobleskill, NY

American Crows - Cobleskill, NY
Eastern cottontail - Cobleskill, NY


  1. Love the red fox - such a graceful animal. The fisher is awesome too - I'd love to capture one of his cousins, the pine marten, sometime in my life.


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