Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thoughts on deer hunting: Part II

Last week I posted a blog entry with personal thoughts on deer hunting (Part I). People often ask me how I feel about hunting and trapping, because I am SUCH an animal lover, but I’m also realistic about wildlife management. So, please check that out. This entry is dedicated to the successful and ethical hunters and huntresses that submitted pictures of their deer takes during the 2013 bow and regular season in New York. Deer hunting season in the southern zone of NY ended on the 17th, and in the northern zone, it ended December 15th. Aside from Wildlife Management Unit 3S (Westchester County), all deer hunting is closed for the year in New York State! For more info: Deer and Bear Hunting Seasons – NYSDEC.

Thanks for submitting!

The first submission, which inspired me to start sharing deer take pictures, was when my aunt sent me these pictures of my Uncle Mark! He’s been a long-time hunter, and hasn’t gotten a deer in a few years. This year was his YEAR! He took 2 gorgeous, large bucks (one a 10 point, one an 8 point) during the bow season, and one during the regular season. Norwich, NY

Hunter Nick Gualtieri took this nice buck during the bow season in Yorktown, NY.

Rachel Slover took this 6 point on East Hill near Honeoye Lake this fall while hunting with her husband, Jerry.

Hunter Jesse Phillips took this massive buck that he’s been watching for awhile during the bow season in Baldwinsville, NY. We’re not sure if it’s a record or not, but what a rack!

Huntress Beth Burchill harvested this buck with her Winchester model 70 rifle , 25-06, in Claverack, NY!

Marion, NY Hunter Matthew Mayville (shown with sons Blake and Jacob (age 4) and Jackson (age 2). The Mayville Men pose with Dad’s buck taken during the archery season in Potter, NY. With dad as a hunter, hopefully these 3 little boys will grow up and fill his boots!

Huntress Michelle Uthe with her 11 point buck harvested during regular gun season 2013. The buck dressed out at 180 pounds, her biggest deer yet! This is her 3rd season hunting, and she shot him with one took him with her 270 rifle – her domestic partner, Arland Bradley, Jr., gave it to her for a Christmas gift last year. Prattsburgh, NY.

This buck was taken in Wildlife Management Unit 4C in the town of Pittstown NY by Josh Ten Eyck. He was taken during archery season with his G5 Quest bow. Photo credit to his father, Jeffery Ten Eyck.

Jack Van Niel has been a long-time hunter, and harvested this year’s buck on his Wayland, NY property during the regular season. Deer hunting has been a family affair for the Van Niel’s, and Jack’s son, John, helped set him up in a ground blind this year. Jack couldn’t manage climbing into a tree stand this fall due to a pinched nerve, but the ground blind seemed to work just fine! Congrats to both Van Niels.

Huntress sisters Lauren and Mady Richardson managed to take their first does of the season on the same day- opening day of the regular season! Hunting has also been a family affair with the Richardsons, and the girls have spent countless hours in the woods with relatives learning how to hunt, and the ethics and safety revolving around the sport. Congrats, ladies! Taken in Johnsonburg, NY.

A good personal friend of mine, Tyler Barriere, took this nice 8 point buck during the regular season in the town of Enfield, NY. Tyler also took 2 does this season, so his freezer is packed full of good venison!

SUNY Cobleskill classmate, and recent graduate, Corey Sullivan took this handsome buck during the archery season in Horseheads, NY. Congrats on your graduation and buck take, Corey!

Huntress Leslie Svoboda: “I am an avid hunter and fisher-woman. I have been gun hunting since I was a kid but recently, (last year) took up bow hunting. I love the quietness and solitude of bow hunting. On November 2, I shot my first buck, a 7point, and needless to say I am very proud of myself! I was all by myself on my dads property in Steuben County, town of Ingleside, and I called the deer to my stand and took the perfect couldn’t have asked for a better first Bow Buck! I believe in totally respecting the animal you harvest, so I like many of my fellow hunters, say a prayer and thank the animal. I also bury his heart. I am 47 and a grandmother of 2 boys (5 & 2) and am already teaching them about hunting and fishing.” Great story Leslie, and thanks for sharing!”

Mike Hedderick and sons Hunter (age 3) and Dominik (age 6) pose with Dad’s bow season doe. Here’s another great example of the tradition of hunting being passed along the family. Thanks to wife and mom, Amanda, for the submission! Manchester, NY

Another family affair! This time and Mother-Daughter duo. From Tori Penrod-Clark: “The little girl is my daughter, Adele Clark. She is 9 years old and hopes to be a hunter one day. She tracked this buck fawn out for my husband on East Lake Road in Honeoye. He shot it just before shooting hours closed and had to give up the search for the night. Adele was hot on it’s trail the next morning. The second picture is of me with my first buck. I started hunting turkey when I was 12 and deer when I reached the legal age limit for big game (the rules have changed since then). I am now 38 and I have not hunted in 8 years due to being a busy stay-at-home mother. First morning out in the season this year and I shot this 8-point at 8:18 in the morning in Springwater, NY!” Tori’s father is a retired NYSDEC biologist who definitely instilled the love and respect of wildlife. Glad to see Tori is passing this on to the next generation. Thanks for the submissions!

Yet another huntress, Kerri Reuter, shown with her first deer and her boyfriend Jesse Palermo. Kerri says, “Jesse and I were hunting the evening of opening day in Bloomfield, NY. We were hunting right by a corn field and the wind was directly in our face. To the right of us was a large thick bedding area where the deer usually come from in the evening to go eat in the corn field. The corn field was to the left and we hoped they would cross in front of us. Because the wind was in our face we positioned ourselves right on the edge of the bedding area so we could see any deer that came out to go to the corn field. At about 4:00 we spotted a group of does at the end of the bedding area about 125 yards away. The first two does that crossed were small and moved quickly. The third doe to come out was huge. Jesse positioned the camera on her and grunted to get her to stop. She did and turned broadside to us. It was then that I pulled the trigger on the Remington 270. I hit her right behind the shoulder in the heart and she walked 10 feet into the woods before she went down. It was as great hunt!” Congrats Kerri, and thank you for sharing your story.


  1. Alyssa, a super collection of great photos, and so good to see families there too. Greetings to you at Christmas, Jean.

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