Thursday, March 13, 2014

I just can't win

Cuddeback, you are the bane of my camera-trapping life. Sometimes the camera doesn't work, and for no apparent reason. Other times, it's hypersensitive, and takes pictures of nothing.

Lately I've been lucky, and it's taking pictures, even though it's so cold out. My last post I shared how overexposed the images are though, because of the snow bounce-back.

Eastern cottontail

So I tried to cover the flash partially with thick, opaque tape. Well, that toned things down, but still gave me less-than-ideal images as well.

Eastern cottontail

By the way, yes those ARE deer legs poking out of the snow! A friend of mine had saved them from last fall's harvest, wanting to create some kind of gun rack or something out of them. That didn't happen, so he donated them to my camera-trapping cause.

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  1. Deer legs. I might have thought they were dead branches, Maybe that snow will go soon, after this last huge dumping. Cheers, Jean.


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