Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lately lackadaisical

I've certainly been lackadaisical lately, and I'm sorry (especially to myself) for not keeping up with this blog. I'm 10 days from graduation, still unemployed, and trying to figure out my life...I've been very busy.

Throughout the semester, of course I've been camera trapping. I've kept the cams close, because I can't spend time wandering the woods looking for good "sets". This picture was taken within 25 yards of my backdoor. My landlord last summer was doing some drainage digging back there, which left some trenches. I found this board, and laid it across a trench. This is the most interesting picture I've gotten so far.

Please tell me what you think is going on, I have my own thoughts that I'll share later.

PS: It appears as though I've lost ALL my pictures on my blog. I don't know how or why, and I'm pretty upset about it. Any thoughts as to why?


  1. Sorry Alyssa, no help with lost photos, but the trail cam one is a steal !!! Love it so much, what a catch. Cheers. Jean.

  2. Second comment, is the puss rescuing?? doesn't look like a kitten, but could well be, or another small animal, Our cats have rescued baby rabbits, so she is carrying it as mother cats do. Cheers, Jean.


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