Monday, October 27, 2014

2 new camera trapped species!

Life in Eufaula, Alabama is just fine, and I’m really enjoying it! The birding is great, the weather has been great, my dog is loving exploring with me, and the food is fantastic!

Of course you know I brought my camera traps with me (Cuddeback Attack Flash and an IR Bushnell Trophy Cam), as I do where ever I move to. I’ve been here about 2 weeks, and I’ve gotten 2 new species for my bucket list. Enjoy!

Addie knows something lives just beyond her reach…but what is it?

A nine-banded armadillo! Just behind it, is a hole that it dug out to scoot under the fence, much to Addie’s frustration. This is a new species for me!

Gray fox. I first “trapped” these in the Outer Banks of NC, and then also in Cobleskill, NY.

Another new species! A fox squirrel. These are found in the Southern Tier/Finger Lakes of NY, but I’ve never seen them.

Fox squirrel

Fox squirrel

Nine-banded armadillo

Gray squirrel

Stay tuned for more! There are MANY more interesting critters here that I’m hoping to catch on camera!


  1. Alyssa, love those cam shots, but the back view, I had to laugh. I'm so glad life in Alabama is sweet for you both, enjoy the fall days, and hope your winter is not too severe. My fondest wishes for all good days. Jean.p.s. Addie, you take such a good photo too.

  2. An Armadillo!! Wowzers! That's exotic for us camera trappers from the north!


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