Sunday, March 13, 2011

coming to you LIVE from NY, it's Sunday night!

Ok, so that was a pathetic attempt at making a play off of SNL. I know, I said pathetic! But it's true, I am writing to you live from NYC. Although every post I've made so far has been from the state of NY, I am in the great City of New York at the moment. On a 2 hour layover at JFK to Denver, CO. I figured I'd kill some time and recap the Museum of the Earth which I visited yesterday!

My friend Sarah and I were to meet up with our bio teacher/friend Amy and head down to Ithaca to see the Museum of the Earth! Amy unfortunately couldn't make it due to sickness (ewww yucky microbes!), so Sarah and I ventured down to the southern tier alone.

The museum was kick ass. If you're in my biology 122 class, you need to go. Basically everything we've covered so far, and probably will be covering is represented at this museum. Evolutionary theories, genetics, modification, dinosaurs, eras, trilobites, etc etc was very neat. Lot's of fossils, a WHALE skeleton, touchy-feely stuff for kids (and adults!...), and basically a very simple, average person type of explanation from day 1 of Earth til present day. Really interesting stuff. Here are a few pics...

Mastadon skeleton dug up in upstate NY...3/11

KICK ASS fossil....How awesome is this? 3/11

THE largest mollusk shell I've ever seen. Alive, this thing must have weighed 30 lbs+!

Anyway, the museum was awesome, and I wish Amy had been able to attend! I'd go back again with her for sure, so we could have someone explain to us what all of what we saw, meant!

The next post will be coming from somewhere in CO, hopefully with pictures of some amazing wildlife!

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