Sunday, April 8, 2012

An announcement!

I've been wanting to share this information with the blogging world now for a couple of weeks- but wanted to wait until everything was solid.

Last week on Friday March 30th, I was interviewed over the phone with a fisheries biologist from Soldotna, Alaska for a summer internship position working with the USFWS Fishery Program there on the Kenai Peninsula.

I was offered another position working as a research assistant for the summer on a river otter project locally here in the Finger Lakes, and it was very hard for me to make this decision.

BUT, I've made it and off I go May 27th to Soldotna, Alaska!

Never in 100 years would I have thought that within 2 years of study in this field, I'd be ready and able to get a REAL job! It's also kind of funny to me that I was selected, as I'm such a "mammal lover"...all things furry with faces are my gig. I've never really been a "fish head", but I guess I will learn to be!

Myself an a large-mouth bass at the spring open house at the Muller Field Station!


  1. Hi! Congrats to your new work. You will for sure have an exciting time. Interesting blog you have and I will visit you again.

  2. congrats on your new endeavor. I truly believe you do this to rub salt in my wounds. Man how I would love to spend the summer in the great outdoors of Alaska. Very happy for you and looking forward to your posts while there.

    1. Thank you! I look forward to learning about the flora and fauna of the NW region of North America! Can't WAIT to blog about it!


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