Friday, October 26, 2012

A quick post about Crows...

I wanted to share these amusing pictures before I leave for Massachusetts for the weekend (to do black bear stuff!!!).

I have the "fish tree" set up, as I mentioned in Backyard Camera Trapping last week.

Nothing TOO exciting has showed up yet, except maybe a coyote???

Notice the plastic container in the picture below. When I was checking the camera at one point, I deployed a weasel attractent scent (I'm dying to get that fisher back...), and hung it on a branch while I was checking the SD card, and apparently forgot it.

Gray squirrel

American Crow

American crows
On my way back up to check it a few days later, I found the container at the edge of the woods, and thought, Well, THAT'S weird..., but when I checked the camera, I had my answer. Damn crows!

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  1. The crows definitely liked the scent in the container, love the leaves, super autumn colours, Cheers from Jean


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