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NuCanoe Elite Paddler's Package...RAFFLE!

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During my time at Finger Lakes Community College over the past couple of years, I was very involved in the student chapter of The Wildlife Society. I became the President in the fall of 2010 and was lucky enough to be voted in for a second term which ended this past spring. Since I transferred to SUNY Cobleskill, I have become a member, rather than holding an officer position…but I’ve still been involved in the chapter. I loved my experience at FLCC, and our rather new and small chapter. Cobleskill’s chapter has been around a bit longer though and have a better student participation I think, because it’s a 4-year school rather than a 2…so they get to do bigger and more glamorous events!

Every year there is a national conference held either in the western US, central states, or on the eastern seaboard (it rotates yearly). Just this past October, select members travelled to Oregon for the conference. In 2013 the conference is being held in Milwuakee, Wisconsin! I love WI, I’ve been there once…and had a great time.

I’m interested in attending this conference, and just submitted my application to our chapter faculty advisor, Kevin Berner. There were several pages of short answer-like questions asking about why I think I’d be a good representative of SUNY Cobleskill, what species I’d like to see in WI, if I own my own binoculars, and what courses I’ve taken related to wildlife and plant identification. I’m crossing my fingers that I get accepted!

SUNY Cobleskill students at a temperate rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in NW Washington during post TWS annual meeting field tour. Photo Credit: Kevin Berner

To help offset the cost of the trip, we’re participating in a raffle! The New York State Wildlife Society Chapter is actually the “parent” of this fundraiser, but as a student chapter within the state, we get to participate.

We are raffling off tickets for an elite canoe package!
-The package includes: (1) 12′ NuCanoe in OD Green, (2) aluminum paddles, (2) personal floatation devices, (2) captain seats, (2) paddle/rod holders, and (1) sportbox. (For more information about the canoe, check out the NuCanoe website)

-Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 tickets for $20.00

-The drawing will be held April 7th-9th at the annual NYS Chapter Meeting…the winner DOES NOT need to be present to win.

So this is a shameless cast out there- if you’d like to buy a raffle ticket and help to fund my WI trip, then please leave me a comment! If I should not be chosen to go, the money will end up in our chapter’s account and will be used by students.

Thanks for letting me plug our club’s fundraiser!

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  1. Alyssa, I hope you get to go!!Sorry I am not in USA and can participate, great prize. Cheers from Jean


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