Thursday, December 22, 2011

So very thankful.

This posting is kind of a follow up to other posts I've written, specifically updating events since: Back to Bloggin'... for now,  Thank You, Finger Lakes Institute!, and Research Methods in Biology. 

I've been involved in a black bear study this past year, and have opportunity to present my work and findings at two different venues this fall: The Rochester Academy of Science and The Finger Lakes Research Conference. At the RAS I presented orally with the aid of a powerpoint presentation, and the FLRC I presented via a poster. All of the information about the study and presentations can be found at the above links. At the FLRC I won "Best Student Poster", which was a nice surprise. I received a $100 cash award, and was written about in a press release. You can find that press release here: FLI Hosts Finger Lakes Conference. Many thanks again! Looking forward to possibly presenting there again.

The other piece that I'm very thankful for has to do with the 3rd link listed above: Research Methods in Biology. Long story short, I received my funding through the National Science Foundation grant that my college holds. This is VERY exciting and I can't wait to get started! What I asked for were very specific things, not just a chunk of money. Nadia, the Muller Field Station Environmental Outreach Coordinator, helped me organize and pitch my ideas to the grant administrator. Without her, I would probably not have succeeded! So what did I pick out? 5 brand new Cuddeback Attack IR cameras, 5 scent lures, and a ton of accessories to help me with my study to be held at the Muller Field Station this spring. Everything has been ordered, and should be coming in within the next few weeks! Last time I purchased scent lures, I purchased from Kishels Scents. This time I ordered from F&T Fur Harvester's Trading Post. No real reason, just thought I'd try something new.

I have alot to be thankful for, and I really am. I get told that I'm "lucky" and seem to have an advantage over others, and part of that may be true. I may have a bit of luck on my side- but it's also been VERY hard work, long hours, tons of reading, late nights, weekend work... and now I'm getting to reap the benefits!

One last thing: this really doesn't have anything directly to do with this post, but I thought I'd share. I've been using some Cuddeback Attack IR cameras that another faculty member 'owns' at the college I attend. The ones mentioned above, purchased with NSF grant money for my study, will be exclusively 'mine' for the semester for my study. Anyway, I've been playing with these other cameras, and finally got a cool video of a an animal checking out scent lure! Albeit, the wrong target species, but neat!

That is a white-tailed doe deer sniffing a scent pad scented with Kishels brand 'weasel lure'.

This camera is set at FLCC's East Hill Campus in Naples, NY.


  1. Find your blog from the Camera Trap Codger's. Looks great. I'm going to enjoy following it.

  2. Well, thanks for coming on over! I'm a fairly new blogger, and appreciate the visit! Happy holidays.


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