Monday, April 2, 2012

Camera Trap Study: Week 7

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything substantial about my ongoing, semester long project at my college's Muller Field Station. For some more background information on that, check out: Research Methods in Biology.

Last week was a flop- nothing TOO interesting. The usual players (WTD, red fox, coon, possum) all wandered by.

Again, this week, nothing out of the ordinary (I've been DYING to get a black bear...I've found scat and tracks at this location recently!), but I thought I'd give an update.

Camera A:

White-tailed deer (I thought it was a coyote at first...)

Camera B:

Red fox

Red fox

White-tailed deer

Camera C:

A Virginia opossum pulling down a scent pad! Naughty!

Virginia opossum

Camera D:

Red fox...intentely watching something over the camera's shoulder. Check out the accompanying video.

This video almost seems like a picture- that fox is so still. Whatever had his/her attention eventually became uninteresting.

White-tailed deer
 These next two pictures are puzzling to me. The immediate following picture has me leaning towards a gray fox. I have yet to get a gray at the field station, ever, but at all this spring specifically. They've got to be around. At the fur auctions I went to over the winter just up the road, people were bringing them in by the handful. The second picture after this one is surely a red fox. Three things that makes me want to say gray for the first: 1) Size: the first animal seems to be a third or so smaller than the second. 2) Coloring: the first seems darker, and may have the signature black line down it's fluffy tail. 3) Facial structure: the first is daintier and has a shorter snout- when I see it, I think of a cat. This though, is not a cat.


Mystery fox.

Red fox

Virginia opossum

And that's the gang for the past week. It's been a really interesting experience so far. I've had phenomenal weather every Monday when I go out and check cameras/rescent each site. It's been so mild and sunny, it's be very enjoyable making the trip.

I've also been working on two other things related. One is a table of all my data: The Master Spreadsheet. Eventually, when I have all my data (by April 30th), I'll be able to make graphs to show the activity patterns...I've already played with it a little, and it's really interesting.

Below is what I've created:

Independent study Spring 2012 - Alyssa Johnson
SET: 2/6/2012
Week 1 (2/13/2012)Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana2/6/201223:05AGusto
Eastern coyoteCanis latrans2/8/20124:02AGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/8/201220:37AGusto
Unidentified #12/10/201219:58CBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/10/20124:24DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/11/201223:06DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/12/20121:29DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/13/20122:25DToxi-Dog
Week 2 (2/20/2012)Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana2/14/201223:12AToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana2/14/201223:13AToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana2/14/201223:15AToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/15/201221:25AToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/15/201223:25AToxi-Dog
RaccoonProcyon lotor2/17/20120:19AToxi-Dog
Eastern coyoteCanis latrans2/16/20124:29BGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/16/201219:33DBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/17/20122:07DBeaver Super All-Call
Eastern coyoteProcyon lotor2/18/20120:14DBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/18/20125:18DBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/19/20126:39DBeaver Super All-Call
Week 3 (2/27/2012)Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis2/22/20127:46ANum-Chuck
MinkNeovison vison2/24/201214:22ANum-Chuck
RaccoonProcyon lotor2/21/201221:29CToxi-Dog
Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis2/23/20127:51CToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/24/201223:39CToxi-Dog
RaccoonProcyon lotor2/21/20124:42DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/21/20124:49DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/21/201220:24DGusto
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus2/21/201223:35DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/22/20120:45DGusto
Virginia OpossumDidelphis virginiana2/22/20125:03DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/22/201223:02DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/23/20121:56DGusto
RaccoonProcyon lotor2/25/20120:54DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/26/20124:39DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes2/27/20124:01DGusto
Week 4 (3/5/2012)Eastern cottontailSciurus carolinensis2/28/20128:06AGusto
RaccoonProcyon lotor3/2/201220:20AGusto
MinkNeovision vison3/4/20127:01AGusto
Virginia opossumOdocoileus virginianus2/29/201222:07CBeaver Super All-Call
Virginia opossumOdocoileus virginianus2/29/201222:09CBeaver Super All-Call
Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis3/2/20128:54CBeaver Super All-Call
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus2/28/201221:00DToxi-Dog
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus2/28/201221:22DToxi-Dog
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus2/28/201221:27DToxi-Dog
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus2/28/201221:36DToxi-Dog
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus2/29/201221:54DToxi-Dog
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus3/1/201220:47DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/4/20125:09DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/4/201216:57DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/4/201223:06DToxi-Dog
Week 5 (3/12/12)Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis3/8/201211:25AToxi-Dog
RaccoonProcyon lotor3/10/201220:45AToxi-Dog
RaccoonProcyon lotor3/10/201220:46AToxi-Dog
Eastern coyoteCanis latrans3/7/20121:42BGusto
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus3/6/20122:51DBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/8/20122:14DBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/9/201216:24DBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/10/201223:18DBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/11/201221:21DBeaver Super All-Call
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus3/11/201223:28DBeaver Super All-Call
Week 6 (3/19/2012)Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis3/13/201222:51ABeaver Super-All Call
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus3/16/201223:13ABeaver Super-All Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/16/201223:40ABeaver Super-All Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/17/20120:03ABeaver Super-All Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/17/20120:04ABeaver Super-All Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/17/20120:06ABeaver Super-All Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/18/20120:20ABeaver Super-All Call
Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis3/18/201211:46ABeaver Super-All Call
Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis3/18/201222:32ABeaver Super-All Call
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus3/12/20127:56BToxi-Dog
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus3/12/20127:57BToxi-Dog
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus3/12/20127:58BToxi-Dog
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus3/12/20128:01DNum-Chuck
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus3/12/20128:02DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/12/201219:22DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/13/20121:00DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/13/201219:44DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/13/201219:49DNum-Chuck
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus3/13/201223:33DNum-Chuck
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus3/14/201221:56DNum-Chuck
Eastern cottontailSylvilagus floridanus3/14/201223:07DNum-Chuck
Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis3/15/20127:53DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/16/20121:41DNum-Chuck
RaccoonProcyon lotor3/16/20122:11DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/16/201216:47DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/16/201220:14DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/16/201220:15DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/16/201220:23DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/16/201221:09DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/16/201222:09DNum-Chuck
MuskratOndatra zibethicus3/16/201223:50DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/17/201222:03DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/18/20123:14DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/18/20126:34DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/18/201221:28DNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/19/20127:40DNum-Chuck
Week 7 (3/26/2012)Eastern gray squirrelSciurus carolinensis3/23/201214:16ANum-Chuck
RaccoonProcyon lotor3/26/20125:07ANum-Chuck
RaccoonProcyon lotor3/22/20120:33CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/24/201222:57CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/24/201222:58CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/24/201222:59CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/24/201223:00CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/24/201223:00CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/24/201223:01CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/24/201223:01CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/26/20120:35CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/26/20120:36CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/26/20120:37CToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/26/20120:38CToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/21/201221:41DGusto
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/21/201222:48DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/23/20121:41DGusto
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginiana3/23/201223:46DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/25/20125:05DGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/26/20121:59DGusto
RaccoonProcyon lotor3/26/20124:06DGusto
Week 8 (4/2/2012)White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus4/2/20122:48AGusto
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/28/20124:50BNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes4/2/20121:54BNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes4/2/20124:32BNum-Chuck
Red foxVulpes vulpes4/2/20124:53BNum-Chuck
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginiana4/2/20127:32BNum-Chuck
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginianus3/28/201222:31CBeaver Super All-Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginianus3/28/201222:31CBeaver Super All-Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginianus3/28/201222:33CBeaver Super All-Call
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginianus3/28/201223:11CBeaver Super All-Call
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/28/20126:39DToxi-Dog
Virginia opossumDidelphis virginianus3/28/201223:03DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/29/20126:16DToxi-Dog
GRAY FOX?3/30/20125:52DToxi-Dog
White-tailed deerOdocoileus virginianus3/30/20128:32DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes3/31/20125:47DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes4/1/20122:21DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes4/2/20121:58DToxi-Dog
Red foxVulpes vulpes4/2/20125:05DToxi-Dog

And the other piece I created was this poster to be shared at the Muller Field Station Spring Open House this coming weeked!

Thank you to those who've been helping me out maintain my sets, sanity, and who are keeping me on track!

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