Saturday, November 10, 2012

Flying action!

I can't take credit for this AMAZING picture, but when I saw it posted on the NYS Conservationist Magazine Facebook page, I knew I had to share it with fellow bloggers and readers. If you've been a reader for any amount of time, you'll know that I love me some flying squirrels. They're unique, resourceful and darn cute. I know, I know...they're pests and get into all sorts of trouble. I have some in my roof, I know they're annoying. BUT they're super cool regardless.

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About a week or so ago (late October), I saw this picture posted on the Conservationist's FB page:

Photo credit: Michael J. Morsch, Sr.
Like I said, I really wanted to share it...but needed to get permission from the person who submitted it. I wrote an email to the Conservationist, and they forwarded my email on, and Mr. Morsch of Speonk, Long Island, New York wrote back. So yes, flying squirrels really are EVERYWHERE :) !!!

Mr. Morsch shared with me that he had this Cuddeback Capture IR camera set about 3 feet off the ground, and was quite surprised to see this image show up! I'll say it again: flying squirrels do not fly. Confusing, I know, but they glide rather. That large membrane of skin you can see between wrists and ankles is called the petagium, and that allows the squirrel to catch air and glide from tree to tree. I've seen this several times, and it never ceases to amaze me. Because the squirrels can't fly, they tend to lose altitude from the lauch site to the land site. So, this squirrel looks like it landed right ON the camera, from probably high above an adjacent tree. Imagine if this was a flash camera? That would have scared the bejesus out of this little one!

Thanks Morsch family for letting me share your awesome catch!

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  1. Super shot, like a ghost gliding down from above. Thanks for the photo, your emails to get permission to publish, and how "flying squirrels" do not really fly. I learn so much about animals I did not know existed, and all thanks to you and your words and photos. Cheers from Jean


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