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Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's better than 12 pictures of fisher?

2 VIDEOS of fisher!

My last entry boasted of my camera-trapping success in which my Cuddeback Attack yielded 12 pictures of a fisher or two. I'm still not sure. And I didn't think I could've been happier, because catching a fisher on camera (especially one with a flash) seemed impossible! For me at least. I feel like I always have bad luck with camera trapping, although looking back I guess I've gotten some cool animals.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD camera set - Schoharie, NY
Anyway, so I set my new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD up just uphill of the spot where I've gotten pictures of fisher. Looking downhill, if you notice in the picture, to the left of the camera there is an orange spot on the ground. Those are nasty, rotten trout eggs that I put out to lure in critters. So far all I've gotten are American Crows.

You can also see my house in the upper right corner, just to give you a frame of reference. THAT'S how close the fisher are coming to my house!

Behind where I'm standing, the hill continues to go up and get steeper, and getting more and more "wild". I live right on the edge of a good chunk of forested land, which is probably why I get a good assortment of wild critters.

American Crows visiting my camera set, and sampling some rancid caviar. Looking uphill behind the large tree to the left is the other camera on which I caught the video of the fisher.
A fisher (Martes pennanti) investigating the woods at night. Schoharie, NY
I still have a much larger fisher entry pending, but these little bits keep popping up making me want to share! I hope you enjoy the video. The fisher is not an easily observed animal.
I've since pulled my cameras in for a few days. With temps hovering around 0F (and actually -5F today at noon), it's not good to leave the cameras out. They are weather proof, but the frigid temps drain batteries, and I don't want to risk a crack from the extreme temperatures.
Until next time!


  1. Lovely shot and video Alyssa, your persistence is surely paying off. The fisher looks very quiet and not scared at all , do they normally come this close to homes? Cheers from Jean

    1. Thanks Jean! You know, I'm not totally sure what the deal is with the fisher. In the recent 40 years they've been pretty much wiped out of NY, but are now coming back. Because this was the middle of the night and there were tasty fish eggs nearby, that may have lured this guy/gal in close.

  2. That was so cool to watch, I have got to get me one of those video cams.

    1. Thanks Rick. I'm surprised that an outdoorsman like yourself doesn't already own one!

  3. Outstanding video clip of the fisher!

  4. That is some really decent IR video. Nothing better than getting a mustelid. Great job.

  5. Yes! Thank you TB and JK!!! I was hoping you both would see it, as you're both gurus of the camera-trapping blog circuit! I couldn't believe the fisher and camera cooperated so nicely together.

  6. Great site. I like your posts. Ill be visiting!

  7. I am very jealous of all your field camera photos! I'd like to get one at some point. Between scat and tracks I've noticed quite a few animals right in my back yard that I've never actually seen before.


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